Our Mission

Children become engaged in learning experiences when given materials that are hands on. This gives them several ways to learn about the world and to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Our educators recognize that each child has a unique set of abilities and needs and learns at their own pace.

We foster children’s exploration, play and inquiry by providing a variety of activities and an environment rich in content that encourages choices and active play supported by qualified, attentive, and interactive Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE).

With time each day devoted to building on recent observations of the children’s interests, areas of strength and need, the teachers are able to tailor programming choices to the changing needs and development of the individuals within the group. This allows for planned opportunities for practice and review of mastered skills ensuring that each child will have the opportunity for success and to be challenged.

Our Curriculum

Play is the cornerstone of our curriculum – understood to be essential to the healthy social and cognitive development of children. Our curriculum takes a child initiated, adult-supported approach that focuses on play-based learning, allowing the child to take the lead and then focusing on their interests through intentional observation, interaction and engaged communication.

When this approach to learning takes place along with educator’s understanding of child development, each child’s learning and individual development is supported and as a result the child’s competence, capacity and potential are maximized. Staff, students, and volunteers view children as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.


Our Emergent Curriculum programming is completed weekly and based on recent observations of the children currently in the classroom. What are they curious about right now? What are their interests? What have they mastered? What skills are they struggling with? What do they need more opportunities for practice with? The answers to all these questions guide our choices each day.

Our qualified teachers observe each child’s daily interactions and interests and tailor a program around these observations.


Bennington Heights Child Care Centre strives to deliver stimulating learning experiences in a safe environment that enhances children’s social, intellectual, physical, and emotional development. This enhancement happens throughout a child’s daily routine, which encompasses a balance of indoor and outdoor play, as well as active play, rest, and quiet time.


Exclusive to Bennington Heights Child Care, our teachers have designed a Reading Program that combines various teaching practices and tailors it to each child individually. Developed by one of our teachers to help her own daughter learn to read, our Reading Program encompasses a variety of ways to foster, refine and strengthen the skills necessary for early reading. Every week, we work with each child individually using resources assembled that focus on skills like visual discrimination, decoding, print awareness and memory/recall that are needed for reading.

In addition to providing an enhanced program tailored to the children’s interest, BHCC provides additional program features to further enrich and engage our little ones.

Monthly Newsletters

We strive to assure our parents are well-informed on their child(ren)’s well-being, progress and routine. Through monthly newsletters, we provide our families with informative updates as well as snapshots of the month.


During the Spring and Summer seasons, we on-board a trainer to teach our toddlers and preschoolers the mechanics and fundamentals of organized team sports.

Annual Report Cards

Our report cards enable parents to get a structured overview of their child’s progress.

Reading Program

Our teachers have designed a Reading Program that combines various teaching practices and tailors it to each child individually.

Parent Teacher Nights

Keeping our parents informed on their children’s well-being, progress, and routine, is a top priority at Bennington Heights.

French Class

Fridays are for French!

Social Events

We are a family operated child care centre that emphasizes its operations on integrating our family with yours. From summer BBQ’s, to Holiday Concerts and even Mother’s Day Tea Parties, we love celebrating with our families! 

Program Fees

Toddler Fees $1,430/month
Preschool Fees $1,260/month

For more information

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